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Sail Publishing Promotes Cross-cultural Literature

3 months ago

Sail Publishing was founded in 2014, four years after the launch of Sail Magazine, an online publication featuring cultural and community opinion articles, providing a platform for young people who prefer writing in English, regardless of nationality, and helping to bridge the gap between non-Arabic speakers in the UAE and the Emirati community.

In recognition of the magazine’s entrepreneurial drive, digital publishing creativity and ambition to spread literature and the love of reading in the community, the publication’s many awards include: UAE Young Digital Publisher Entrepreneur Award from the British Council; Young Entrepreneur Award from Startup Businesses Magazine; and the Arab Woman Award in Literature.

Building on its strength and reputation in digital publishing and the trust from the community as place for the young writers to increase their reach, Sail went on to establish an independent digital and print publishing business across all genres including children’s literature, business, poetry, and fiction.

The publisher’s target audience is split into two main categories, which are the young Arabic speakers who enjoy English language books, and international readers who are culturally curious about the region and works written by Arabic authors. While Sail Publishing covers a full spectrum of styles and subjects, it focuses exclusively on English language publications, in contrast to many UAE publishers which concentrate on different genres in Arabic.

Sail Publishing has a varied distribution network with digital titles available on iBooks, Kindle, Kobo, Nook, Scribd, Storytel, and many of the industry’s other worldwide reading platforms and print versions on Amazon, Book Depository, Barnes and Noble, and Jamalon.

The publisher’s most recent titles include poetry collections by young Emirati authors, ‘Salvaged’ by Omar Al Owais, and ‘You, Me, and All the In-between’ by Shaikha Al Bakhit, as well as a parenting book ‘The Last Years Last Forever’ by Aysha Al Janahi.

In order to raise its profile and increase awareness, Sail Publishing continues to maintain a presence at leading international industry fairs, including two recent international congresses in London and in India, Casablanca, the Sharjah International Book Fair and two appearances at the London Book Fair, with the Paris Book Fair coming up later in the year.

The company is also working towards providing digital services for other publishers in both Arabic and English under their own imprints, and editing services for English books.

Molhimon Publishing and Distribution

4 months ago

Founded in 2016, Molhimon Publishing and Distribution is building its identity as a contributor and catalyst to creating a renaissance of the Arab world’s vast legacy of literature. Through publishing lengthy and documented publications from the past across a variety of genres that includes studies, translations, novels, poetry and plays, the publisher is aiming to revive and maintain the roots and development of vital Arab literary works.

Since its first anniversary, Molhimon has embarked on a journey of communication between Arab and Western cultures, encouraging constructive dialogue between societies and communities across the world. By introducing Western culture to Arab readers and highlighting the vast spectrum of the arts and literature in the Arab world and introducing it to the West, Molhimon is becoming pivotal in breaking down barriers and sharing knowledge and understanding.

With a stellar selection of inspiring and talented authors, Molhimon has enriched the Arabic library with a series of literary masterpieces. It recently released 113 new titles including ‘Istishraf Alqoloob’ (Heart Forecast), ‘Hadathani Fa Qal’ (He Told Me and Said), ‘My Journey to Arab Countries’, ‘The Issue of Painting’, ‘Shaharyar’, ‘Jack’ and ‘Flashes on Al Manfaluti’.

Molhimon’s book sales are mainly concentrated on Saudi Arabia, which acquires 60% of its publications, while the remaining 40% are distributed across other Arab countries.

Through its renewed focus, Molhimon has promptly succeeded in strengthening its participation in international book fairs, especially in the GCC region. On a national level, it has had a strong presence at the Sharjah International Book Fair, Abu Dhabi International Book Fair, Al Ain Book Fair, Ras Al Khaimah Book Fair, Khorfakkan Book Fair and the Cultural Days Festival.

In the GCC, Molhimon has taken part in the Bahrain International Book Fair, Riyadh International Book Fair, Kuwait International Book Fair and Muscat International Book Fair.

As part of its future plans, Molhimon is currently working on a series of translated books in collaboration with ‘Four Corners’ and will also launch a section dedicated to children's literature.

Highlighting the outlook and growth opportunities for the publishing industry in the UAE, Molhimon stressed that the UAE’s publishing sector is continuing to grow rapidly, especially thanks to the leadership of Sheikha Bodour bint Sultan Al Qasimi, Founder and President of the Emirates Publishers Association (EPA).

The publisher believes that launching several of Sheikha Bodour’s inspirational initiatives has helped greatly in drawing attention to the Arab publishing market and its ever-increasing potential, encouraging foreign publishers to enter into copyright and translation contracts.

Molhimon emphasised that the EPA plays a key literary and professional consultancy role and acts as the vital legal arm of publishing houses based in the UAE, constantly assessing long-term strategies to advance the industry across the country and beyond.

Sadiqat Publishing

4 months ago

In a world full of mystery and fascinating tales that challenge the imagination, Sharjah-based publisher, Sadiqat Publishing, has dived deep into young minds offering literary treasures that they will relish and learn from. Sadiqat Publishing is an organisation dedicated to producing books mainly for children and young adults, and has expanded their reading list to cater to more mature readers.

When established, Sadiqat’s owner wrote and published titles mainly targetted towards teenage girls to fill the gap in the genre within the Arab world. Eventually, the publisher collaborated with Arab authors to write engaging stories for children with messages of love, tolerance and good conduct.

In a matter of storytelling, the books also aim to imbue young girls and children with a knack for problem solving and positive habits that will help them broaden their horizons, expand their knowledge base and enrich their everyday lives.

Sadiqat Publishing’s portfolio is represented by a mix of fact and fiction to make comprehension easier for its readership base. For instance, one of their titles, Young Girls Who Can Write is dotted with a series of anecdotal texts containing thoughts and ideas of a group of high school girls, which were transformed by them into stories and written in a language suitable for girls in their age.

Other titles include Girls’ Talks, Soft Meals, Goal of My little Sister, Please Keep Silence, My Dad Goes Fishing, Rosy Tales, and The Paper that Finally Rejoiced, amongst several others.

Sadiqat has participated in many local and regional book fairs, most notably the Sharjah International Book Fair and Al Ain Book Fair in 2017. They aspire to establish a presence in numerous other publishing events and use them as a platform to spread its message.

In future, Sadiqat seeks to further expand its offerings with educational titles and textbooks for kindergarten and primary school children. They are also translating some of their works in English to feature them at international book fairs.

To mark the occasion of ‘UAE Year of Zayed’ in 2018, they will organise a literary awards function ‘BSM Sadiqat’ in collaboration with Egypt-based Elite Publishing, to recognise and honour Egyptian writers.


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