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Sadiqat Publishing

20 days ago

In a world full of mystery and fascinating tales that challenge the imagination, Sharjah-based publisher, Sadiqat Publishing, has dived deep into young minds offering literary treasures that they will relish and learn from. Sadiqat Publishing is an organisation dedicated to producing books mainly for children and young adults, and has expanded their reading list to cater to more mature readers.

When established, Sadiqat’s owner wrote and published titles mainly targetted towards teenage girls to fill the gap in the genre within the Arab world. Eventually, the publisher collaborated with Arab authors to write engaging stories for children with messages of love, tolerance and good conduct.

In a matter of storytelling, the books also aim to imbue young girls and children with a knack for problem solving and positive habits that will help them broaden their horizons, expand their knowledge base and enrich their everyday lives.

Sadiqat Publishing’s portfolio is represented by a mix of fact and fiction to make comprehension easier for its readership base. For instance, one of their titles, Young Girls Who Can Write is dotted with a series of anecdotal texts containing thoughts and ideas of a group of high school girls, which were transformed by them into stories and written in a language suitable for girls in their age.

Other titles include Girls’ Talks, Soft Meals, Goal of My little Sister, Please Keep Silence, My Dad Goes Fishing, Rosy Tales, and The Paper that Finally Rejoiced, amongst several others.

Sadiqat has participated in many local and regional book fairs, most notably the Sharjah International Book Fair and Al Ain Book Fair in 2017. They aspire to establish a presence in numerous other publishing events and use them as a platform to spread its message.

In future, Sadiqat seeks to further expand its offerings with educational titles and textbooks for kindergarten and primary school children. They are also translating some of their works in English to feature them at international book fairs.

To mark the occasion of ‘UAE Year of Zayed’ in 2018, they will organise a literary awards function ‘BSM Sadiqat’ in collaboration with Egypt-based Elite Publishing, to recognise and honour Egyptian writers.


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