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 :  Medad Publishing & Distribution


 :  Dubai - Al Qusais - Damascus Street


 :  Tel: +971 4 331 6531, Fax: +971 4 331 6528


 :  info@medadpublishing.com


 :  http://www.medadpublishing.com/

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Medad for publication and distribution publishing house Emirati ambitious young woman seeking to excellence where interested in taking creations of young and ambitious and is working to support and development, and aims to raise the level of intellectual in various fields and the formation of a new generation of writers at a high level of creativity and works to encourage new writers, are also interested in the deployment of novels and stories, short stories and studies that deal with the United Arab Emirates. Outrigger for publication and distribution of books that promote care about national identity and loyalty to the state and interested in the book and the creators of Emirati and Gulf Arabs.

List of publications

TitleAuthorISBNPublished Year
Soul ShipSubhi Atri9789948232582 
 Acute back painAbdul Ghani Karam Allah9789948235651 
 The Rose ArenaRyan Al-Jadaani9789948233886 
 Modern rainAbdullah bin Znan9789948231202 
 Seven faces of PeterburgWorship him9789948231493 
 A crisis of honorDarren Shpair9789948234326 
 She died in loveSalwa Al Ghamdi9789948231998 
 Your love is a plagueNames of Alfasi9789948026402 
 The DanAlaa Bmitf9789948231196 
 African cassavaAli Mahmoud9789948232018 
 The memory of the seats is emptyMohammed Saeed Al - Matrafi9789948232001 
  FreejIbrahim Boumelha9789948234302 
  Popular Beliefs in the United Arab Emirates Ibrahim al-Hashemi d: Aisha Bakhir9789948234494 
 Halosat 2020Ali Al Khwar9789948234173 
 In April I turned my heart to youRawia bint Mohammed9789948231219 
 You fooledIman Al Hashimi9789948236191 
 Mama MerkelEmad Al-Blake9789948233954 
 Portrait of a woman who does not wait for anyoneMouawiya Mohamed El Hassan9789948233510 
 Novel / September 4Ahmed Al-Humairi9789948233503 
 Tales are skilledMahra Hassan President9789948235361 
 HamdaAmina the Tiger9789948231981 
 Or projectsMaryam Hussein Al Balushi9789948235286 
 UAE ChallengeMona Kazem9789948235668 
 Dish Gin / realistic eventsTarek Al Zarouni9789948236566 
 Gold IslandAbdullah Al Moallem9789948139751 
 Mechatronics .. with an Emirati viewMeshal Al Marzouki9789948232490 
 Economic SustainabilityAhmed Aldermaki9789948233602 
 The Rose ArenaRyan Al-Jadaani9789948233886 
 Not a wordCongratulations Hashemi9789948236184 
 Pioneers of creative writingStudents of Scientific Research School9789948235774 
 Spring rarely comesJacob Bader Al - Obeid9789948231462 
 The earth is under the rubbleAbdullah Khalifa9789948232605 
 The Alternative PlanetLaila Saleh Al Ali9789948231509 
 A day in the life of a broadcasterRanda El Sheikh9789948234333 
 AnthraxNawal Halawa9789948232612 
 Portrait of a woman waiting for no oneMouawiya Mohamed El Hassan9789948233510 
 I choke and Tokyo LatnamKhawla Jassim9789948235255 
 Glowing VioletOsama Muslim9789948234678 
 Leaves deadMamdouh Abdel-Sattar9789948231479 
 I wait absent will not comeMira imagination9789948231233 


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