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 :  Fusion House


 :  Tanseeq Business Center, Building No.1, Office 401- 06, Bay square, Business Bay, Dubai, UAE. P.O Box: 35560


 :  Land Line: +(971) 4 366 3111 (Ext.108) Mob: +(971) 55 548 7445, +(971) 55 171 4605, Fax: +(971) 44472204


 :  info@fusionhouse.ae


 :  http://www.fusionhouse.ae/en/

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Fusion Company for Publishing and Educational Projects is one of the leading companies in Egypt and the Arab World for preparing the educational curricula, books and materials for children ages 4-8 years old. These are prepared in light of the International education and technical standards, and done according to the characteristics, requirements and needs of the children in every country. At Fusion, we help children transform their lives through education. We believe that childhood in any community is the real entrance to the formation of the child's future and the start to build a civilization. Our children represent half of our present now, and they will represent our whole future later on. The idea of the company being formed is based on providing diverse services to the children ( Education – Training – Entertainment ) with all of the aforementioned fields of services are integrated according to the concept of the totalitarian integrative entrance in raising the child and preparing them for the future. The diversity of these services is based on the diversity of the child's needs (psychological, social and physical), and is also proportionate with nature of the age group and the tendency towards fun, movement and activity. The company serves as a model to the Arab community and combines the different educational services of the childhood foundations in one interdependent progressive program. Fusion is distinct with its deep vision of the childhood and it’s specialized in this field as it’s considered the most important stage the human personality is being formed. Research and scientific studies of child-rearing have proved that the early stages of childhood is the most sensitive and critical period that the educational and environmental influences help in forming the human capabilities. We aim to be an Arab and International source of experience in child education based on the principles of Islamic teachings by providing the education environment with high facilities. In this environment, the children would be able to achieve their educational, cultural, and social aspirations, in a way that helps them face their problems by presenting a type of dedicated education and training for children. The products we offer appeal to children and are presented in different forms such as electronic games, board games, speaking pens, and 3D books. They are prepared in order to achieve specified educational goals and purposes and encourage the child to focus and continue with the material.

List of publications

TitleAuthorISBNPublished Year
My sister MaryNermin Shawki97897763193252014
Huge mobileNermin Shawki97897763192572014
Roses for soldiersNermin Shawki97897763192882014
Adnan and the frogNermin Shawki97897763191632014
My house suits meNermin Shawki97897763191582014
The Lulu ParrotMustafa Al Sayad97897763193942014
Rudy and the environmentMustafa Al Sayad97897763193632014
The bus is desertedMustafa Al Sayad97897763192332014
Great tripMustafa Al Sayad97897763193492014
Tata pieMustafa Al Sayad97897763193182014
Save the turtleMustafa Al Sayad97897763193702014
Steps on the sandMustafa Al Sayad97897763193562014
My quiet libraryMustafa Al Sayad97897763191962014
My memory and kindergartenMustafa Al Sayad97897763191342014
I am proud of my Arabic languageMustafa Al Sayad97897773407172014
Why dabdob diseaseMustafa Al Sayad97897763198202014
Best choice of foodMustafa Al Sayad97897763198442014
I belong to my houseMustafa Al Sayad97897763197902014
Water is a blessing and a safetyMustafa Al Sayad97897763199052014
I know traffic etiquetteMustafa Al Sayad97897763198512014
I cooperate with my familyMustafa Al Sayad97897763198822014
How do I treat birds?Mustafa Al Sayad97897763199122014
I know my addressAmira Sayed97897773401202014
who am IHisham Hassan97897773401992014
Wash my clothesHisham Hassan97897773401372014
Katk learnsHisham Hassan97897773401752014
My father is writing a bookHisham Hassan97897773400452014
Protect the environmentHisham Hassan97897773400832014
Learn to swimNermin Shawki97897773400692014
Learn knittingNermin Shawki97897773400522014
My family protect meNermin Shawki97897773400902014
Magic letters and numbers (Part 1)Mustafa Al Sayad97897763196152014
Magic Letters and Numbers (Part 2)Mustafa Al Sayad97897763196222014
Use sandNermin Shawki97897763195162014
Make my bookNermin Shawki97897763195232014
Body partsMustafa Al Sayad97897763195542014
Types of carsMustafa Al Sayad97897763197382014
water sportsNermin Shawki97897763194622014
WardrobeNermin Shawki97897763194792014
My family is warm and safeNermin Shawki97897763196602014


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