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TitleAuthorISBNPublished Year
Men's TalesAisha al-ZurahiISBN978-9948-20-740-52014
Winter TaleAisha SultanISBN978-9948-166-02-32014
Diary of an unemployed graduateImran MohammedISBN978-9948-20-838-92014
In the praise of memoryAisha SultanISBN978-9948-20-568-52014
WaterMaryam Gomaa FarajISBN978-9948-20-569-22014
The treeAbdullah Saqr Al MarriISBN978-9948-20-734-42014
We all love the seaA group of Emirati authorsISBN978-9948-20-737-52014
HerbSalma Matar SaifISBN978-9948-20-908-92014
Korean Shehrazad TalesInas the AbbasidISBN978-9948-20-841-92014
Something of meMoza AwadISBN978-9948-20-732-02014
Burberry TattooKhairuddin JumaISBN978-9948-20-839-62014
The narrator knocks the drums of warHaitham HusseinISBN978-9948-20-738-22014
Naima "The Story of My Long Mother" (translated)Adit ShaheenISBN978-9948-20-733-72014
Hammer Overseas (Translator)Jordi SolerISBN 978-9948-22-004-62014
Translator loverJean DostISBN 978-9948-22-191-32014
Tales of Jaber the shepherdSami NasrISBN 978-9948-20-840-22014
City smellsHussein Al-WadISBN 978-9948-22-193-72014
Canada (Translator)Richard FordISBN 978-9948-20-840-22014
City and three womenAlia IbrahimISBN978-9948-22-003-92015
Hope sellerNahid RamadanISBN978-9948-18-115-62015
In cities, travel and departureAisha SultanISBN 978-9948-18-116-32015
The last hour of the last dayJordi SolerISBN 978-9948-18-227-62015
SeptemberAmina Al KhayatISBN 978-9948-18-229-02015
Bear PartyJordi SolerISBN 978-9948-18-228-32015
Other UAE in NepalAbdul Khaliq AbdullahISBN 978-9948-02-202-22015
Gaps in the wallAli Al-BanjasmISBN 978-9948-940-0-92016
How to write a novelGabriel Garcia MarquezISBN 978-9948-427-92-62016
I do not want this novel to endSultan FaisalISBN 978-9948-02-471-22016
Story hunterEduardo GallianoISBN 978-9948-09-540-82016
Victims of chastityAlexander DumasISBN 978-977-6533-20-22017
Fuma JordievMaxim GorkyISBN 978-977-6533-19-62017
Emotional publicationsAmeera Al SaifISBN 978-977-6533-22-62017
Death HymnsDengwa Da XinISBN 978-977-6533-23-32017
The will of the foolIsmail YabirISBN 978-977-6533-18-92017
JocelynAlphonse de LamartineISBN 978-977-6533-21-92017
The author of the rule of ConfucianismZeng Xiang forceISBN 978-977-6533-27-12017


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