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 :  Dar Alaalam Al Arabi Publishing & Distribution


 :  Dubai-Business Bay-Churchill Tower-Office 3302, PO BOX 231347


 :  00971 44 270 575


 :  info@alaalm-alarabi.ae


 :  http://www.alaalm-alarabi.ae/

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List of publications

TitleAuthorISBNPublished Year
Sounds of Animals 1Dr. Latifa Al-Najjar978-9948-15-35282010
 Sounds of animals 2Dr. Latifa Al-Najjar978-9948-15-44262010
 Sounds of thingsDr. Latifa Al-Najjar978-9948-15-56762010
baby animalsDr. Latifa Al-Najjar978-9948-15-56832010
Rashed in the zooDr. Latifa Al-Najjar978-9948-15-76632012
Rashed on the beachDr. Latifa Al-Najjar978-9948-15-35112012
Rashid in the LandDr. Latifa Al-Najjar978-9948-16-29022012
 Marion and instinctFatima Al Breiki978-9948-15-32902010
Marion and parsleyFatima Al Breiki978-9948-15-32832010
Salvia and CauliflowerFatima Al Breiki978-9948-15-33202010
 Sealed and stainingFatima Al Breiki978-9948-15-33062010
Sage and peasFatima Al Breiki978-9948-16-44012012
I painted the pointLama Azer978-9948-15-38872009
KarkashLama Azer978-9948-15-38562009
Loved MeLama Azer978-9948-15-38702009
I wish I had potatoesLama Azer978-9948-15-38632009
Experiments with plantsDolphin Gernberg978-9948-15-51882011
Experiments to detect chemistryDolphin Gernberg978-9948-15-51192011
Experiences with mirrorsDolphin Gernberg978-9948-15-51332011
Building experimentsDolphin Gernberg978-9948-15-51712011
Experiments with airDolphin Gernberg978-9948-15-52492011
Experiments for tasteDolphin Gernberg978-9948-15-51402011
Experiments with shadowsNoura Damnishini978-9948-15-51262011
Experiments with magnetsFrançois Olas978-9948-15-51572011
Experiments with waterDolphin Gernberg978-9948-15-52702011
Experiments with young curiousIsabel Blagrini and Karen Air978-9948-15-52942011
Experiments to discover spaceDolphin Gernberg978-9948-15-51642011
Experiments with soundsIsabelle Chavini978-9948-15-52632011
Winding experimentsDolphin Gernberg978-9948-15-52322011
Experiences of the sensesDolphin Gernberg978-9948-15-52872011
Experiments with the bodyDolphin Gernberg978-9948-15-52562011
The land of horsesDr. Ibrahim Al-Saafinلايوجد2008
Ahmed's problemDr. Latifa Al-Najjarلايوجد2008
And returned to Haifa happinessDr. Latifa Al-Najjarلايوجد2008
Smile my babyFatima Al Breiki978-9948-438-4102013
Sammy teethSabah Deebi978-9948-16-43952013
That's why I accept my mother's handDr. Fatima Al-Breiki978-9948-43-80522013
Rosie the hungryNourieh Al - Obaidli978-9948-438-1752013
SmallJessica Myster978-9948-15-76702011
What do you eat?Marwa Dakhli978-9948-438-0762013


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