NMC and EPA Develop New Strategies to Support UAE’s Publishing Industry

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The future of the UAE and global publishing industry was the topic under discussion at a meeting held yesterday between the National Media Council (NMC) and the Emirates Publishers Association (EPA).

Hosted in Multaqa Al Qasba, Sharjah, the discussion explored ways of future collaboration between the two bodies that will help the publishing sectors in the UAE and abroad develop to their fullest potential. Forming part of the strategic efforts, EPA is developing procedures to boost local and international publishing markets. The meeting touched upon mechanisms that will help the UAE’s book market to deal more effectively with its business partners on the international level.

Attendees at the meeting from EPA included Bodour bint Sultan Al Qasimi Founder and President, Ali Al Shaali Vice-President, Ali bin Hatem Secretary, Mohammad Bin Dukhain Treasurer, Nooh Al Hammadi board member and Rashid Al Kous Executive Director.

Representing the NMC was its Director General, HE Mansour Al Mansouri, Dr. Rashid Al Nuaimi Executive Director of Support Services and acting Executive Director of Media Affairs, Nasser Al Tamimi Director of Media Licensing Department, Ibrahim Khadem Director of Media Content, Nisrin Al Harmoodi Director of Government Communications and Fadi Qayed Project Manager.

The representatives discussed the key challenges that face local Emirati publishers, as well as the required means to increase work efficiency in relation to publishing licenses, printing procedures by local publishers and distribution. The methods through which the EPA can collaborate with the NMC to reinforce the publishing sector, as well as the facilitation of the entry and operations of international publishers who want to invest in the UAE, were also evaluated.

During the meeting, NMC showed their willingness to support members of the EPA through cancelling the standard import duty of AED 1,000 on every consignment of imported books, and exempting them from duties on the import of new books valued at AED 25 per title, as well as the allocation of a fully integrated office at EPA’s headquarters to deliver services to its members by NMC.

The meeting also saw Bodour Al Qasimi, Founder and President of EPA, reiterate the incredible efforts being made by the UAE to establish its strong international stature as a preferred incubator for thought leaders, publishers, authors, illustrators and intellectuals from around the world.

“Communication and collaboration with the global book industry is an essential step to advancing local publishing – a goal that state institutions are working actively towards. This is in keeping with the directives of our founding fathers, who were passionate to create a knowledge-based society. Today, we have started a new phase of collaboration between the EPA and the NMC with the aim of establishing an ideal environment for local and international publishers. Both entities share objectives that align with the UAE’s approaches in supporting knowledge economy and boosting cultural development,” Bodour Al Qasimi remarked.

For his part, HE Mansour Al Mansouri, Director General of NMC, said: “The development of the publishing industry aligns with NMC’s objectives and strategies that are inspired by vision and directives of the wise leadership. It also contributes to promoting reading and this is why we are committed to cooperating with all entities in the publishing sector.

To this end, we look for every opportunity to enhance joint collaborations with the aim of producing more local books and supporting a greater number of local authors and publishing houses. This support will contribute to reinforcing local cultural movement and will build the stature of the UAE in this vibrant and vital sector.” Ali Al Shaali, Vice-President of EPA, revealed the results of a study conducted by EPA on challenges facing local publishers, with a focus on market access and distribution possibilities. While EPA Executive Director Rashid Al Kous, presented to NMC representatives a copy of the EPA strategy, encompassing its vision for improving the conditions of the Emirati publishing sector.

Dr. Rashid Al Nuaimi, Executive Director of Support Services and Acting Executive Director of Media Affairs, outlined NMC’s future plans and strategies for the UAE publishing sector in collaboration with EPA. He addressed an array of mechanisms that can be implemented to mitigate the import market, the financial burdens on Emirati publishers and expand book distribution. As well as facilitate the procedures for obtaining licenses and trade permits.

EPA was founded in 2009 as an initiative by Bodour bint Sultan Al Qasimi, to serve and develop the publishing sector in the UAE and to advance the role of Emirati publishers through the provision of training and mentorship programmes. The association represents the interests of professionals in the UAE’s publishing industry by working on advancing their rights and has a remit to improve the conditions of the profession and the laws that regulate its coordination with concerned authorities locally and internationally.


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