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 :  Wahat alhekayat


 :  Dubai United Arab Emirates


 :  +97143367622


 :  w.hekayat@gmail.com


 :  www.wahatalhekayat.com

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List of publications

TitleAuthorISBNPublished Year
Alphabetical Applications (Level 1)Safa AzmiISBN97899480224112016
Letter Basket (Level 2 Language Applications)Safa AzmiISBN97899480221382016
Start the series and read 1/28Safa AzmiISBN97897764970852016
Tidal Series 1/28Safa AzmiISBN97897764973752016
Each character has a storySafa AzmiISBN97899480971672017
2 words (common word string)Safa AzmiISBN97897764977402016
Letters and words / large measurement / A3Safa AzmiISBN97897785135852016
Ringtones and sounds / large measurement / A3Safa AzmiISBN97899484532532016
Learning series and spoke the first phase 1/5 ISBN9789948188582 
You and ISafa AzmiISBN97897764970162017
The best colorsSafa AzmiISBN9789948453055 2017
A cat and a ratSafa AzmiISBN9789948453062 2017
Happy OasisSafa AzmiISBN9789948453048 2017
The Elephant PuzzleSafa AzmiISBN9789948453031 2017
Learning series and spoke the second stage ISBN9789948188599 
My little friendsSafa AzmiISBN97897785135092017
A penguin in a waySafa AzmiISBN9789948453307 2017
my little sisterSafa AzmiISBN97897764970092017
Mom's foodSafa AzmiISBN97897764970232017
I love an excellent wordSafa AzmiISBN97897764970542017
Learning series and spoke the third phase 1/5 ISBN9789948188605 
The little esteemedSafa AzmiISBN97897764970612017
Seven branchesSafa AzmiISBN9789948453017 2017
Baby SpaceSafa AzmiISBN9789948453291 2017
A feather ofSafa AzmiISBN97897764970472017
Dream of the HourSafa AzmiISBN9789948453277 2017
A series of learning and speaking Group IV 1/5 ISBN9789948202295 
The world of adultsSafa AzmiISBN97897785135162017
I want to plantSafa AzmiISBN97897764970782017
A visit to my familySafa AzmiISBN9789948167693 2017
Sounds in the forestSafa AzmiISBN9789948453284 2017
The most beautiful tripSafa AzmiISBN97897785135922017
A series of learning and speaking of the fifth group 1/5 ISBN9789948202318 
Me and the classesSafa AzmiISBN9789948453314 2017
Cloud GamesSafa AzmiISBN9789948453024 2017
Clean worldSafa AzmiISBN97897764970302017
Holiday WearSafa AzmiISBN97897764978012017
in RamadanSafa AzmiISBN97897764977952017
My Beautiful Behavior Series: 1/4 29000104 
I am afraid thatSafa AzmiISBN97899481574032017


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