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 :  Noon Publishing House


 :  PO Box 40044 Ras Al Khaimah The United Arab Emirates


 :  072335511


 :  info@dar-noon.com


 :  www.dar-noon.com/

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Noon Publishing House was established in March 2011, as an attempt to make some effort to contribute in the publishing world of the Arab countries. Aiming to publish serious work-related to the Arab community and its cultural Developments.

What We Do

Noon is working to extend its effort to publish serious cultural and literary writings, pointing its effort to include valuable publications to the Arabic library. We are looking forward to work with writers specialized in the applications of social science and its philosophical and historical approaches.

In the Arabic cultural Scene we found most of the publications are confined to a group of known writers, while young people find it difficult to communicate their ideas and writings, therefore we concluded that its importance of Noon to create a space for the work of young authors.

Noon objectives to work for a better understanding and dissemination of knowledge of other views and ideas on the international scene in all spectra, so Noon included translated work of literature writers from different countries where it could raises some contrary trend.

List of publications

TitleAuthorISBNPublished Year
The only necessityShell Aspmark978-91-87373-02-22013
Dance of the poemAnne Smith978-91-87373-00-82013
In the animalEva Roanvelt978-91-87373-01-52013
MigrationsCloria Criftz978-91-87373-05-32013
FirewoodQassem Zuhair Al-Sanjari978-9948-16-792-12012
Mailed courierKarim Rahi978-9948-16-672-62012
As a happy poetSaad Yasiri978-9948-16-790-72012
Diary of dust and bloodFiras Ahmed978-9948-16-671-92012
Timur EnergySaid G. Hilarious978-91-87373-11-42013
For meMuhannad Salahat978-91-87373-06-02013
A poisoned cottageHossam El Din Mohamed978-9948-16-788-42013
The poem of the riverFarah Birkdar978-9948-16-791-42013
Mandala MutationDr.. Majid Khazal978-91-87373-28-22014
The Goddess of the LevantDr.. Majid Khazal978-91-87373-29-92014
SecularismSalamat Kayla978-91-87373-14-52014
A real revolutionSalamat Kayla978-91-87373-15-22014
Kalashnikov rifleMichael Hughes978-91-87373-19-02014
Night shirtSusan Jamil Hassan978-91-87373-58-92014
Civil warAhmad Omar978-91-87373-12-12014
Stories, stories and jokes from the era of dictatorship in SyriaKhatib Badla978-91-87373-21-32014
No thirst ends and no fountainAli and J and the introduction of Zaher Jizani978-91-87373-53-42014
Jean Demo: The Legacy and LifeCollection and presentation: Hussein Ali Younis978-91-87373-52-72014
Mechanical Diary: Diary on the fringes of the Syrian fireAli Sefer978-91-87373-13-82014
Panorama death and lonelinessRasha Omran978-91-87373-20-62014
Syrian blood resurrectionFawaz Kadiri978-91-87373-18-32014
Which is greenMohamed Alaa El Din Abdel Mawla978-91-87373-16-92014
Body of the sea .. A robe for the poemMousa Hawamdeh978-91-87373-37-42015
Interviews with Claude Levi StraussGeorge Charbonne978-91-87373-36-72015
A country between two IraqisHoshank Vaziri978-91-87373-34-32015
Beyond the Arab Spring in International RelationsA group of researchers978-91-87373-33-62015
Fear without teethHalim Youssef978-91-87373-38-12015
Son of a monkMihai Babic978-91-87373-26-82015
Tales of Syria have to do with tyrannyKhatib suit978-91-87373-35-02015
Culture and tyrannyGhassan Al-Jabai978-91-87373-48-02015
Meg 21Fatima Yassin978-91-87373-76-32015
The image of the Prophet Muhammad in contemporary Spanish thoughtMohammed Bilal the most comprehensive978-91-87373-93-02015
Tyranny and its alternatives in modern Arab thoughtDr.. Mohammed Jamal Tahan978-91-87373-47-32015
Syrian view in the eyes of the WestMansour Al Amri978-91-87373-50-32015
A message to my Christian brotherIzz al-Din Enayah978-91-87373-81-72015
The road to QantararaAhmed al-Faqih978-91-87373-75-62015


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