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TitleAuthorISBNPublished Year
A critical study of the poetry of the late Sheikh Zayed, may he rest in peace.Mohammed Abdullah Noureddine978-9948-22-430-32015
Sama delusionsKhaled Al Shuaibi978-9948-20-918-82014
Popular Poetry Schools in UAEMohammed Abdullah Noureddine978-9984-20-920-12014
Lessons in weights of popular poetryMohammed Abdullah Noureddine978-9948-22-873-82015
Whisper nostalgiaMohammed Saeed Al-Dhahnani978-9948-22-090-92014
They are somehow dividedSheikha Al-Jabri978-9948-22-089-32014
The Autistic HouseAbdullah Ali Hassan978-9948-22-669-72015
The Complete Works of Salam Abu Jouhour - C1 PopularMohamed Abdullah Nour El Din978-9948-20-919-52015
On the cycleSalem Abu Jouhour978-9948-18-180-42015
Amin's shopSalem Abu Jouhour978-9948-18-181-12015
And he smelledSalem Abu Jouhour978-9948-18-182-82015
MaybeSheikha Al-Jabri978-9948-18-179-82015
The other side of love in married lifeDr.. Tariq Darwish978-9948-18-035-72015
The Complete Works of Salam Abu - Jahmor - cSalem Abujmhour978-9948-18-627-42015
O Lord of LoversDr.. Virtual Saif978-9948-18-628-12015
I run out of ShukaMohammed Abdullah Noureddine978-9948-02-208-42016
Do not strait the heartAteeb Al Qubaisi978-9948-02-209-12016
Quarters of tentsMohammed Abdullah Noureddine978-9948-42-759-92016
WithoutKhawla Al Tayer978-9948-42-758-22016
World of AbdullahAbdullah Ali Hassan978-9948-02-262-62016
between me and youVirtual Saif978-9948-02-322-72016
The funny ZoroastrianismAmal Al Ahmad978-9948-02-263-32016
 Salma 1Salameh Rizaqi978-9948-16-451-72016
Female SinbadSumaya Suleiman978-9948-02-321-02016
Suldarina Changes the HistoryNof Al-Jabri978-9948-02-323-42016
Journy of shapesMoza Al Neyadi978-9948-02-352-42016
Life is colorfulNeroz Tunbouli978-9948-02-269-52016
Monkey HouseAbdullah Ali Hassan978-9948-497-84-42016
How to liveSoad Matar978-9948-02-595-52016
Start with yourselfDr.. Good decorated978-9948-23-438-82017
Poetic works - Abdul Aziz AlmuslimAbdul Aziz Al Muslim978-9948-23-614-62017
Reading meanings in Sheikh Zayed's poemsMohammed Abdullah Noureddine978-9948-23-389-32017
Nabatian Poetry UAE - Vision and PhenomenonDr.. Ibrahim Ahmed Melhem978-9948-23-439-52017
The poet is the lastSameh Kawash978-9948-23-626-92017
The Battle of BuddhaSalem Abu Jouhour978-9948-23-238-42017
Readings in poems from the UAEMohamed Abdullah Nour El Din978-9948-23-234-62017
For the windSheikha Al-Jabri978-9948-23-390-92017
The popular heritage of the UAEDr.. Ibrahim Ahmed Melhem978-9948-23-233-92017
Heart For RentKhaled Al Shuaibi78-9948-23-231-52017
Selections of World PoetryNozad Jadan978-9948-23-232-22017


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