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 :  Maraya Printing, Publishing & Distribution


 :  England cluster, building Y-1, International City, Dubai, UAE. P.O.Box 68141


 :  Mobile: +971 55 624 1269, +971 50 709 9425


 :  marayabooks@hotmail.com



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List of publications

TitleAuthorISBNPublished Year
It's right tonightInas Abdul Hamid9789948139812 
The Elephant and the KingEid Salah9789948233046 
The merciful kingEid Salah9789948233022 
the prizeEid Salah9789948233039 
The amazing monkeyEid Salah9789948233060 
Details of coloring series for adultsMouhammad majdy9789948481317 
Adventures in the PoleEid Salah9789948233015 
Reem and the Magic PensMaryam Rifai9789948233053 
Family of small miceMaryam Rifai9789948233008 
The lamb is hilariousMaryam Rifai9789948232995 
I'm not disabledEid Salah9789948095552 
Arnob and foxEid Salah9789948095453 
Friends and ringEid Salah9789948095460 
CooperatEid Salah9789948095569 
Adventure in the desertEid Salah9789948095811 
The Space BirdEid Salah9789948095828 
The loyal horseEid Salah9789948095439 
The lateral monsterEid Salah9789948095446 
ColorsEid Salah9789948096535 
Deco and ThistleEid Salah9789948096580 
Nutty cockroachEid Salah9789948096573 
The clean riverEid Salah9789948096603 
work LoveEid Salah9789948096597 
Let's AgreeSamira Habib9789948234913 


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