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 :  Kids and Teachers


 :  P.O. Box 44659 – Sharjah – UAE


 :  Tel: +971 6 567 1545 - Fax: +971 6 567 1546 - Mobile : +971 50 656 1140


 :  manager@kidsandteachers.net


 :  www.kidsandteachers.net

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From its inception, Kids and Teacher Co has maintained unique reputation for developing and introducing highly distinguished and exciting subjects to the early learning world. Kids and Teachers was first to introduce specialized tools and teachers Aids that focus on the understanding and philosophy of education through play within an attractive, exciting and comfortable environment for the child. We have introduced a comprehensive range of specialized educational wooden toys, Special Art , Crafts and varied educational toys, including but not limited to flash cards of letters and related pictures, big and giant size story books that are selected with special care for its contents, excitements, and font size that enables the child to enjoy looking at it, reading it and learning form it,, we also added many interactive computer programs specially designed for the child and which include stories, games, educations subjects and are favored by the child We also introduced an integrated and unique range of classroom and school décor, including posters, banners, and many different educational boards in many different sizes that help the teacher create a distinct and exciting environment that the child would love and enjoy,, we added to that a full range of teachers aids items such as certificates and motivation stickers, flash cards, stamps, ,,,, etc With time, we went deeper in the child education field, and because we always wanted to bring new ideas that suites the child early age,, we dedicated a specialized team to design, develop and introduce modern and highly advanced educational tools made from cloth, which is a material that we were very convinced of its suitability to the children and particularly those with special needs.

List of publications

TitleAuthorISBNPublished Year
My HouseStephen Barnett / Hala Hilles978-81-319-33652016
Play with friendsStephen Barnett / Hala Hilles978-81-319-33682016
We love ice creamStephen Barnett / Hala Hilles978-81-319-33712016
The Cat LucyStephen Barnett / Hala Hilles978-81-319-33662016
Where are my socks?Stephen Barnett / Hala Hilles978-81-319-33692016
It's time to wake upStephen Barnett / Hala Hilles978-81-319-33722016
PreparationStephen Barnett / Hala Hilles978-81-319-33672016
In the garden of the houseStephen Barnett / Hala Hilles978-81-319-33702016
In the zooStephen Barnett / Hala Hilles978-81-319-33732016
In the tentStephen Barnett / Hala Hilles978-81-319-33742016
Elephants JojoStephen Barnett / Hala Hilles978-81-319-33772016
Between herbsStephen Barnett / Hala Hilles978-81-319-33752016
The big gameStephen Barnett / Hala Hilles978-81-319-33782016
Rocket to the moonStephen Barnett / Hala Hilles978-81-319-33762016
The secret of buried treasureStephen Barnett / Hala Hilles978-81-319-33792016
The problem of dinosaursStephen Barnett / Hala Hilles978-81-319-33802016
Food time assistanceStephen Barnett / Hala Hilles978-81-319-33812016
Order and cleanlinessStephen Barnett / Hala Hilles978-81-319-33822016
Help othersStephen Barnett / Hala Hilles978-81-319-33832016
Respect and good behaviorStephen Barnett / Hala Hilles978-81-319-33842016
Tell the truth alwaysStephen Barnett / Hala Hilles978-81-319-33852016
Good creationStephen Barnett / Hala Hilles978-81-319-33842016
Be the merrierStephen Barnett / Hala Hilles978-81-319-33872016
Be calmStephen Barnett / Hala Hilles978-81-319-33882016
Be BraveStephen Barnett / Hala Hilles978-81-319-33892016
Thank God for the blessingStephen Barnett / Hala Hilles978-81-319-33902016
Think before you jumpStephen Barnett / Hala Hilles978-81-319-33912016
If you want a friend, be a friendStephen Barnett / Hala Hilles978-81-319-33922016
ConsequencesStephen Barnett / Hala Hilles978-81-319-33932016
Learn from your mistakesStephen Barnett / Hala Hilles978-81-319-33942016
Reward hard workStephen Barnett / Hala Hilles978-81-319-33952016
Money does not buy happinessStephen Barnett / Hala Hilles978-81-319-33962016
In the zooStephen Barnett / Hala Hilles978-81-319-33572016
Going to SchoolStephen Barnett / Hala Hilles978-81-319-33582016
On the beachStephen Barnett / Hala Hilles978-81-319-33612016
Play in the gardenStephen Barnett / Hala Hilles978-81-319-33602016
Cultivation of flowersStephen Barnett / Hala Hilles978-81-319-33622016
My first petStephen Barnett / Hala Hilles978-81-319-33592016
I learn cookingStephen Barnett / Hala Hilles978-81-319-33632016
Let's go on a tripStephen Barnett / Hala Hilles978-81-319-33642016


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