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TitleAuthorISBNPublished Year
The real estate legislation system in the Emirate of DubaiDepartment of Studies and Research 2013
Law of Evidence in Civil and Commercial TransactionsDepartment of Studies and Research 2013
United Arab Emirates Code of Criminal ProcedureDepartment of Studies and Research 2015
UAE Civil Procedure CodeDepartment of Studies and Research 2013
Civil Transactions Law of the United Arab EmiratesDepartment of Studies and Research 2017
Law against narcotics and psychotropic substances and conventionsDepartment of Studies and Research 2013
Traffic Law of the United Arab EmiratesDepartment of Studies and Research 2017
United Arab Emirates Penal CodeDepartment of Studies and Research 2017
Organization of labor relations and its amendments and sub-legislations issued to implement its provisions from 1980 to 2017Department of Studies and Research 2017
Commercial transactions law according to the latest amendmentsDepartment of Studies and Research 2013
The Criminal System on Economic Activities in the Laws of the United Arab Emirates (more than 75 federal and local laws)Department of Studies and Research 2015
Law of Commercial Companies of the United Arab EmiratesDepartment of Studies and Research 2017
Bankruptcy LawDepartment of Studies and Research 2009
Custody provisions in accordance with the UAE Personal Status Law are reinforced by the provisions of the Dubai Court of CassationProfessor Mohammed Al-Duwaini 2011
Research of the Civil Transactions Law Conference: 14 researches in the UAE Civil Transactions LawSelected professors and law experts 2011
Practical checkProfessor Sherif Ghannam97899481643022012
Legal system of the electronic agentProfessor Sherif Ghannam97899481662902013
The arbitration agreement in the light of the provisions of the UAE judiciary and the draft federal law on arbitration in commercial disputesProf. Shihabi Cherkaoui 2013
Trends of the UAE judiciary in the field of labor relationsProfessor Mohammed AbuZaid97899481666652013
Conditions associated with the marriage contract and its applications: A thorough and analytical study in light of the provisions of the UAE Personal Status LawProfessor Mohammed Al-Duwaini97899481694442013
Information programs are legal nature and the contracts receivedProf. Medhat Abdel Aal97899481620942011
Practical guide in the management and implementation of training operationsa. Faisal Al-Qar'an97899482074982014
Jurisdiction of the courts in disputes of professional sportsLawyer Abdel Razzaq Saflo97899482075042014
The Law of Combating Information Technology Crimes of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Decree Federal Law No. 5/2012Dr. Abdul Razek Al - Mowafi97899482074742015
Criminal jurisdiction of economic courts and its impact on the protection of market economy: a comparative study.Dr. Hazem Al - Jamal97899482074812016
Legal solutions to practical problems and questions in the articles of the UAE Personal Status Law (legislative, judicial, and jurisprudential interaction)Professor Mohamed Abu Zeid97899482075042016
Explanation of the law against the crimes of information technology of the United Arab Emirates Federal Law No. 5/2012: Book IIDr. Abdul Razek Al - Mowafi97899481886502016
The legal system for the transformation of companies: A comparative study between UAE, Egyptian and French law.a. Mohsen Saif Commander 2017
100 questions and 100 answers on commercial arbitration (with an appendix in some of the advisory opinions and concurrence decisions and international and regional agreements issued in the field of arbitrationDr. Abdel - Sattar Al - Khuwaildi 2017
The provisions of mediation in the conclusion of insurance contract: (a comparative study between Egyptian, UAE and French legislation)Dr. Medhat Abdel-Aal97899481336432013
Legal system for electronic arbitration in electronic commercea. Ra'fat Fadel Al-Ra'i97899482016872013
The nature of the control over the constitutionality of laws and their objective framework in the Constitution of the United Arab Emiratesa. Ali Gomaa Al Ketbi97899482081432014
Criminal liability for environmental pollution crimes (comparative study)Lawyer Huraa Mousa 2015
Jurisprudential tricks and the sale of tawarruq between Islamic jurisprudence and lawJudge d. Jassim Al Hosani97899481620322011
Guide to the lawsuit in the court fees lawJudge Samir Fayzi97899481624452011
Simple in ArbitrationJudge Abdul Latif Ulama 2013
Discrimination and review of the UAE's Code of Criminal Procedure and the Dubai Court of CassationJudge Mohamed Nabil Riad 2014
Explanation of the United Arab Emirates Code of Criminal Procedure, reinforced by the rulings of the Supreme CourtsLawyer Hassan Arab 2015
People with special needs between Islamic law and the laws of Down Syndrome and the responsibility of their supervisorsJudge Maher Salama97899482217772015
Provisions of traditional and electronic forgery crimesJudge Maher Salama97899482213022015


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