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 :  Al-Qasimi Publications


 :  Al Qasba - Building D - Third Floor, P.O. Box: 64009 Sharjah,United Arab Emirates


 :  0097165541145, 0097165541664


 :  alqasimi.dist@gmail.com



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List of publications

TitleAuthorISBNPublished Year
Biography of the city - Part 2Dr. Al-Qasimi978-9948-41-991-42017
A very important tripDr. Al-Qasimi978-9948-23-180-62017
I am convictedDr. Al-Qasimi978-9948-23-970-32017
Poetry recordingsDr. Al-Qasimi978-9948-23-417-32017
Conflict of power and trade in the GulfDr. Al-Qasimi978-9948-02-426-22016
Biography of the city - Part 1Dr. Al-Qasimi978-9948-18-878-02015
Biography of the cityDr. Al-Qasimi978-1-4729-4448-12016
Biography of the cityDr. Al-Qasimi978-9948-18-878-22016
The pioneer of the statementDr. Al-Qasimi978-9948-18-659-52015
The pioneer of the statementDr. Al-Qasimi978-9948-18-660-12015
The economy of the Emirates of the Arabian Coast in the 19th centuryDr. Al-Qasimi978-9948-18-879-72015
Under the flag of occupationDr. Al-Qasimi978-9948-22-553-102015
Under the flag of occupationDr. Al-Qasimi978-1-4729-2730-92015
Qawasem and the British aggression 1797-1820Dr. Al-Qasimi978-9948-16-877-52012
Correspondence from the Sultans of ZanzibarDr. Al-Qasimi978-9948-16-385-52012
Queen ZenobiaDr. Al-Qasimi978-9948-20-135-92013
Modern Memory - Part 3Dr. Al-Qasimi978-9948-16-970-32013
Modern Memory - Part 2Dr. Al-Qasimi978-9948-16-571-22012
Modern Memory - Part 1Dr. Al-Qasimi978-9948-15-914-82012
Modern Memory - Part 1Dr. Al-Qasimi978-1408-16-8017-42012
Modern Memory - Part 2Dr. Al-Qasimi978-1-4729-0285-62013
Modern Memory - Part 3Dr. Al-Qasimi978-1-4729-1549-82014
Modern Memory - Part 1Dr. Al-Qasimi978-9948-440-71-02013
Modern Memory - Part 2Dr. Al-Qasimi978-9948-22-218-72014
Modern Memory - Part 3Dr. Al-Qasimi978-9948-10-040-92015
Modern Memory - Part 1Dr. Al-Qasimi978-3-487-1482-72013
Modern Memory - Part 2Dr. Al-Qasimi978-3-487-15012-32014
Modern Memory - Part 3Dr. Al-Qasimi978-3-487-15143-42014
Harvesting the yearsDr. Al-Qasimi978-9948-16-332-02011
BiographyDr. Al-Qasimi978-9948-16-851-52012
BiographyDr. Al-Qasimi978-1408-8-1420-82011
BiographyDr. Al-Qasimi978-88-04-63554-32013
BiographyDr. Al-Qasimi978-9948-16-082-32011
BiographyDr. Al-Qasimi978-3487-14-666-92011
BiographyDr. Al-Qasimi978-9948-16-413-52012
BiographyDr. Al-Qasimi978-9948-20-741-22014
BiographyDr. Al-Qasimi978-7-5447-3011-22013
BiographyDr. Al-Qasimi978-7-5447-3011-32014
The Fort of Muscat and other Forts on the Oman GulfDr. Al-Qasimi978-9948-406-282009
The Fort of Muscat and other Forts on the Oman GulfDr. Al-Qasimi978-9948-406-282009


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